In a 1975 note after a contact improvisation class, Daniel Lepkoff wrote, "I want to teach a class in which you reach a state where nothing is happening but possibilities are open." The formula he offered are a situation of free play, with a certain concentration going one, with a certain practice, in this situation, either nothing happens, or ___________(when you don't know what's going to happen is happening.)

I think it's a wonderful idea, come play with me, find out what the body does, not what you can make it do! (said by Christie Svane), and I add, also find out how the body does what it does.

Upcoming Workshops

Regular Classes in Berlin

9 October 2023 Monday, Contact Improvisation, 8-10pm, book at Tanzfabrik Website

Weekly Contact Improvisation Classes: Every Monday 20:00 at Village

Next dates: 12 June, 19 June, 3 July, 10 July 2023

Contact Improvisation Lifting Outdoor Practice Class: Somatic into Lifting

Every Wed./Sat. 6:30-8:00pm at Sportsanlage Maybachufer via Urban Sports Club or Sliding 5-10 euro

NEW: pop-up outdoor move & play class

In this 90min stillness in motion outdoor movement class, we will work with ideas and images from Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering and Ideokinesis to practice some of the simple and clear form of Qi Gong, it starts/ends with standing meditation, the focus will be on awareness on anatomical level, we ask how the energetic body flows and how I am paying attention? The practice might (or not) creatively evolve into some of more contemporary movement practices such as dance, martial arts and calisthenics. I want to propose a movement practice of doing a little less than we can, slowing it down a lot, befriend more disorientation and paradoxical states, while bringing in a mindset of not-knowing and questioning, let’s play and exploration what a body can do and how the body does what it does. Maybachufer Sportsanlage or other locations with USC check in or 5-15 € as you can. Time see USC or telegram group:


17-22 October 2023
2023 Nordtanz Festival Hamburg

14-16 July 2023
Stretch Festival Village, Berlin

The Whisper of Weight

In this Contact Improvisation workshop, we explore the encounter and relationship, how do we access ease and a total relaxed state? how do we arrive deep intimacy? We explore body weight as a counter-weight to the festival social anxiety, and find layers of our erotic intelligence embedded in this weight. From language to the sensuous, we will meet each other, slower than slow, a whisper, an embrace, a dance, until a total weight give over. We will explore gravity as love that pulls two entities of weight into each other, and gravity as earth’s love to all weight on this planet.

7-9 April 2023
Stretch Festival, Tanzfabrik, Berlin

The Naked Contemplative Dance Practice

Drawing inspiration from Barbara Dilley’s Contemplative Dance Practice taught at Naropa University. This time-structured dance score invites everyone to explore meditative state of mind, mindfulness, movement, performance, naked body in space and with each other, seeing and being seen, consensual interaction from each individual’s centering, it’s a dancer’s meditation hall and a meditator’s dance hall, all in our plain skin.

28-30 October 2022
Stretch Festival, Village, Berlin

The Joy of Rolling

In this Contact Improvisation workshop, we explore our body in relation to gravity, how do we relate to the floor and how other body becomes landscape as an extension of the floor, how do we give and receive weight in a safe, playful, and trustful way, how can we enjoy rolling, both with ourselves and with each other, we will dive into our bodyminds, dance and laugh a lot, meanwhile experience a body-to-body, full weight, embracing and loving contact with one another.