“Through talking, reading and remembering, dance became possible.”

—Boris Charmatz


what if

Translation Work

Founded in 2021, Chinese Contact Improvisation Research Group aims at translating key contact quarterly texts and materials into Chinese, meanwhile stimulate discussions in Chinese language context, the full list of translated texts can be accessed on the website.


Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques / 勾勒内在技术

Steve Paxton: Improvisation Is a Word for Something That Can’t Keep a Name

Lisa Nelson:Before Your Eyes Seeds of a Dance Practice / 眼前:舞蹈练习的种子

Simone Forti: Forti On All Fours / 四肢上的Forti:和舞者Simone Forti的对谈

Moshé Feldenkrais: What is Good Posture / 费登奎斯:什么是好的身体姿态?

A Talk by Susan Klein / 苏珊·克莱因谈“克莱因技术“